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What kitchen colors make the kitchen look bigger?

Suppose you want to renovate your kitchen and want to paint it to make it look larger and more open. A little touch of savvy design can upgrade your kitchen look and make it feel more like an open space. However, there are many tips and tricks to upgrade your kitchen look with creative techniques.

This blog specifically focuses on the trending kitchen cabinet colors and current cabinet color trends. Choosing the right color can be challenging for you to make your kitchen more comfy. Consider a color coordination scheme to add some decent color to your kitchen cabinet and make your kitchen more spacious. Whatever color you may choose for your kitchen, make sure to coordinate the color contrast with cabinets and walls. It will help to reduce the visual barriers and make it look bigger.

Latest cabinet colors

Before the color discussion, let’s discuss the importance of the latest kitchen cabinet colors. As we know, minor details in your kitchen automatically inspire the atmosphere. Bright and vibrant colors on cabinets give a glossy feature to enhance the open space. Further, proper implementation of lightning uplifts the kitchen design and provides a statement feel. Even a small kitchen looks open and gives a soft glow.

Here we are sharing some decent suggestions on choosing colors that can make your kitchen look bigger and airy:

  1. Light Colors:  Our most common yet elegant white color in every shade reflects more light to any place and makes it ultimately a bigger space with its neutral feel. White and light colors in the kitchen make it an open and airy atmosphere. So, make it your priority to consider using colors like white, light grey, beige, or soft pastels.
  2. Monochromatic Color Scheme: The monochromatic color scheme is the current cabinet color to provide a cohesive and visually appealing look. For instance, choosing a light grey paint for your kitchen cabinet with a white backsplash will give a sense of harmony to uplift the space. Ultimately, it creates a suitable and sophisticated vibe to open the kitchen space. Moreover, such color texture and patterns make a seamless and intact visual flow and deliver the illusion of a big room.
  3. Bright Colors: A bold color touch can easily enhance the warm look of kitchen cabinets. For instance, the pantry’s bold yellow (an optimistic color) brings a sunny tone to give a vibrant feel. It creates a mellow feeling to uplift the vibes of the interior. You can contrast this color with a white, teal backsplash to add a real crispness of freshness.

White Cabinet Trends Transforming Kitchen Designs

Apart from these latest cabinet colors, you can add reflective shine with a sleek backsplash and flooring design. Color coordination on kitchen cabinets with these details provides a versatile and evoking sense of calmness. White is the current cabinet color trend to reflect the bigger space in the kitchen and give a classic look. But make sure to coordinate the color scheme of cabinets with the kitchen backsplash and flooring. Contrasting the cabinet color with the backsplash and flooring adds a subtle design intent. For instance, a two-toned kitchen is the latest trend to give a visual interest.

Minor Details for Classic Kitchen Design

Further, textured finishing of wood with white is also popular to add depth and a cohesive look to the kitchen. After this all brief discussion, keep in mind that your personal preferences are more important in every color choice to redesign your place. Thus, making your kitchen a happy place with vibrant colors is very important. Apart from selecting the color coordination for your kitchen to make it an open space, remember that light also plays a crucial role in making an impact.


After understanding the color schemes, you can now comprehend how colors are sensed in a space, so believe this when making color decisions for your kitchen. Furthermore, to add some additional varieties to your kitchen, you can also consider the impactful factor of natural elements in decent and vibrant color shades. For instance, realistic wooden details can add warmth to the trending kitchen cabinets. Further, the flooring and wall color preference can complement the cabinet color scheme to develop a balanced and cohesive look for your kitchen. We at Elements KBF provide custom cabinet and italian kitchen renovation services at your doorstep. To get an idea about a custom cabinet color scheme for your Kitchen design, Visit us in Fort Lauderdale and Boynton Beach.

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