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Shaker cabinetry

What’s Shaker cabinetry? Why are they called Shaker cabinets?

If traditional cabinets are no longer fascinating to your kitchen look, you should look for shaker-style cabinetry. It adores the overall look as a classic and versatile style with its clean lines and simple design. Most homeowners prefer shaker kitchen cabinets due to their rich and captivating history. Let’s discuss what is the most popular shaker-style cabinets and why designers prefer shaker kitchen cabinets with different variations in design.

What is Shaker Cabinetry?

Since the 18th century, shaker cabinetry has been popular for kitchen cabinet designs. Shakers are well known for their straight simple design in a square-shaped cabinet of inset panels. These are functional cabinetry with a clean wooden slab of high-quality hardwoods. These cabinets have five pieces comprised of two stiles and rails with a center panel. It has different variations in design theme with straight curve lines over the surface.

What are the main features of Shaker cabinetry?

Shaker kitchen cabinets are well known for their versatile design and simple yet elegant style. Its notable quality and craftsmanship make it a popular choice for homeowners to have shaker cabinetry over other traditional cabinetry. These cabinets have a variety of colors, along with painted and stained finishes. However, there are various features to consider, such as the durability and quality of the wood, along with design elements. Simple and clean lines of shaker-style cabinetry stand out with any theme of backsplashes and countertops.

Simple yet Durable:

The design of the cabinets is simple, and the wood is durable and suitable for regular use. Thus, this feature makes it a popular choice for every homeowner who prefers shaker kitchen cabinets.


An inset panel of these cabinets outlines the quality of craftsmanship that can bear the wear and tear of daily use. A clean and organized theme of craftmanship defines the smoothness of finishes with transitional cabinets.

Hardwood Quality:

The Hardwood quality of shaker-style cabinets expresses the main feature, which lasts for decades to keep the style highlighted. The use of plywood and solid wood admired the overall look of cabinets with an even design theme.

Most Popular Shaker Style Cabinets

We know that shaker cabinets’ style is timeless compared to other traditional cabinetry designs. It has various options and variations, making it a popular choice for homeowners.

Painted Cabinets:

Painted shaker cabinets are in trend. Choose them with a color variation of coolness and elegance. It will make the kitchen’s theme into a bold and smooth modern vibe with different colors. However, you can choose bright and bold colors for cabinets to give a fresh look.

Stained Cabinets:

Stained variations with the integration of two-toned colors can make it different from typical shades of light and pastel colors. It helps make your kitchen look more rustic and vintage with painted and stained colors. Solid color shades in double tones make your kitchen look more prominent overall.

Modern Shaker style cabinets:

Shaker kitchen cabinets are in trend for centuries, however designers making it in a modern shaker style cabinets with latest updates and advance changes for classic style. Integration of new materials and latest design of materials gives a modern look to shaker cabinets with style. Materials like glass and metal in the shaker style cabinetry gives it a new look with simple yet contemporary theme.

Hardware changes like use of different knobs and trendy handles in the outer panel of cabinets makes a little change for the overall look. Designers work on these significant changes to make the classic look of shaker cabinets into modern design. In modern cabinets you can have a choice for creativity to design shakers as per your design requirement.

Selecting a shaker kitchen cabinet with classic and versatile design helps to make a traditional cabinet into modern. Shaker style cabinets offer you various options for customization to match the cabinet design with your kitchen theme. You can customize the cabinet size, design, color, paint along with the section divider. Variety of designs with material choice provides durability and timeless look to complete the kitchen essentials. Elements KBF manufactures shaker-style cabinets as per designers’ demand. You can discuss your requirements and get a variety of design options.


What are the features of shaker-style cabinetry to define the quality?

You can easily identify the shaker cabinets with its design of plain surface with smooth corners. However, the quality features of defines the durability and versatility of cabinets for classic yet modern design.

What’s the difference between shaker cabinet and regular cabinet?

Shaker style cabinetry are quite simple in design as compared to regular cabinet. It has simple plain surface with one or two overlay to make it minimal stylish.

What color is good for Shaker kitchen cabinets?

White shaker are always good to go for any kitchen theme with classy and sophisticated design theme. So, consider white color for timeless beauty of kitchen to make it a modern and simple.

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