Kosher Kitchen

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An Elegant-Designed Kitchen

We have mastered the art of integrating into our designs throughout the years, allowing us to produce a wonderfully efficient modern kosher kitchen.

Kosher kitchens differ from other kitchen styles in various respects and have some particular requirements. Creating a kitchen with specific dietary needs in mind can benefit you. These dietary regulations, known as kashrut in Judaism, specify which foods are acceptable in the home and how they must be prepared and stored.

People who observe kashrut require properly furnished and set up kosher kitchens that segregate meat from dairy.

What does a detailed designed Kosher Kitchen Look Like?

Kosher kitchens have various appliances installed in them, which enables you to have hassle-free cooking and preparing different meals in a day. Mostly, kosher kitchens have a refrigerator, an oven, and a sink installed in a triangle.

A kosher kitchen demands two overlapping triangles for dairy and meat. In this way, it also requires double ovens and double sinks, and most of the time, homeowners also want to have double refrigerators and dishwashers too.

A kosher kitchen requires more detailed pre-planning than a normally designed kitchen. Since not just appliances but cutlery and other utensils are also doubled. Your Kosher kitchen requires a plenty amount of storage. For worktops, you should choose hard surface countertops such as granite or quartz countertops. These worktops are also separate for both dairy and meat preparation.

Another amenity in the kosher kitchen is stainless steel sinks. There are a variety of techniques which you can use to clean and kosher stainless steel. In this, you need two sinks, and if two sinks are adjoined, then there should be an effective separation that separates these two sinks.

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We can build you the kitchen of your dreams

You dream It, we design It.

Design Kosher Kitchen from Elements KBF.

The ideal Kosher Kitchen requires everything in double quantity, from appliances to sinks, one for meat and one for dairy. At Elements KBF, our professionals know well how to design a kosher kitchen creatively while keeping in my mind every detail.

Every customer perceives things differently. So, we design a personalized kosher kitchen for your home. Contact us today to design your dream kosher kitchen.