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Kitchen Island

The kitchen island is the semi-free standing or free-standing furniture placed in the center of the space that is accessible from all sides. It is the best staple in a highly functional kitchen and enhances practicality. Additionally, it provides a wide space in your kitchen to do the chores efficiently. Furthermore, the cabinetry under the countertops will give you access to pick up the cutlery while cooking, preparing, cooking, cutting vegetables, and more. Moreover, it provides the best storage solutions in the big kitchen, where additional workspace is needed.

At Elements KBF, we offer an exotic collection of kitchen islands and their types in our Fort Lauderdale showroom. Get custom options like colors, sizes, designs, and shapes.

Upgrade Your Kitchen in Boynton Beach with Stylish Designer Islands

You can customize the kitchen islands from contemporary to classical designs. However, we have a wide range of designs at our Boynton Beach store to adorn your kitchen with the best designer kitchen islands. Additionally, from rolling carts to bars to dining, find out more about our latest styles of kitchen island cabinetry. It will enhance the value of your space with a touch of sophistication and elegance. The new styles are well suited for every layout of your kitchen. Find out now


Make Your Kitchen Durable with Stylish Island Cabinets

Here we’re listing the top designs of modern kitchens that will inspire visitors with flare. So what are the types given below?

Table-Style Island

A table-style kitchen island offers a casual dining experience with open sides and often features a countertop extension for seating.

Rolling Kitchen Island

A rolling kitchen island is a mobile and flexible option that can be moved to different areas of the kitchen for convenience.

Two-tier Kitchen Island

A two-tier kitchen island features an elevated section for dining or seating, creating a distinct separation from the food preparation area.

Double Islands

Double islands provide ample workspace and storage, making them ideal for large kitchens or those with multiple chefs.

Chef's Island

A chef's island is designed for serious cooks, often incorporating specialized features like a built-in range or sink for efficient meal preparation.

Kitchen Island-Breakfast Bar

Combining a traditional kitchen island with a breakfast bar provides both additional workspace and a casual dining area.

L-shaped Island

An L-shaped kitchen island is designed in the shape of an "L," offering versatility in terms of layout and design.

U-shaped Island

A U-shaped island surrounds a central cooking area, providing an abundance of countertop space and storage.

Waterfall Kitchen Island

A waterfall kitchen island features a continuous countertop that extends down one or more sides of the island.

[ Kitchen ]

Customization Options Available For Kitchen Island Cabinets

Experience the same level of customization excellence for island kitchens at our Fort Lauderdale Cabinetry House. From cabinet dimensions to door styles, finishes, hardware, and interior organization features, we provide comprehensive options to perfectly tailor your island kitchen to your unique taste and layout requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our services are not only limited to Kitchen cabinets or transformation rather it goes way beyond that; we offer bathroom vanities, countertops, floor tiles, etc. A Walk-in Closet is one of our main products that is preferred by most customers to be customized as per their preference.

How do I determine the right size for my kitchen island?

Make sure that your kitchen layout does not occupy more than 10% of the total area for kitchen island design.

How do I determine the right size for walking or sitting around the island?

Ensure there are 36 to 42 inches of walking space around the island, at least 44 inches behind a seating area, and 24 inches of countertop space per person. 

What custom options are available at Elements KBF?

The custom options for kitchen islands are available, which you can choose according to your preference. For instance, the size, shape, materials, and features that best suit your space, allowing for a personalized and functional addition to your kitchen.

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Floreana Fontana
Floreana Fontana
I’m very happy with the attention and service I received from Nilda, already finished the installation process and final details and my Kitchen is looking beautiful just like I wanted, and the quality is AMAZING!
Rehan Tahir
Rehan Tahir
Amazing people with great courtesy. The place has quite a great options for cabinets. Definately recommending Elements to my friends as they have a team of professionals right from the sales till the installation. Even the prices are competitive...
Adam Kayce
Adam Kayce
AMAZING WORK and FLAWLESS SERVICE! Going into the process of remodeling is stressful but when you work with a team with as much knowledge and experience as ELEMENTS KBF your mind gets put to ease. The experience was fun and their team offered advise that transformed our project. I highly suggest visiting their showroom and you be happy that you did as they have beautiful displays showcasing what your home can be!
John Guerrero
John Guerrero
Had a bathroom floating vanity installed recently. From the salesroom experience with knowledgeable sales staff to the measurement process and install, everything went smoothly and perfectly. The finished product is absolutely gorgeous. Highly recommend going to Elements!
Debbie Cruz
Debbie Cruz
Everyone is so pleasurable to work with. Love our beautiful new kitchen
John Fratello
John Fratello
Extremely satisfied with Kichitalia! From the quality of the product to the customer service. They truly stand behind what their selling. The design team was very helpful in the planning of our dream Kitchen. Using computer software, we were able to see exactly how everything would come together. Upon installation, there were a few issues that arose, but like I mentioned they stand behind their work. Things got resolved even after we paid for the kitchen in full. A special thanks to Johnathan, Stephanie, Marcella and the Owner Morshe.
Thanks so much to Johnathan Edghill; professional, friendly – no hesitation to assist me. My experience with Johnathan and Kitchitalia was excellent. I purchased a home with an Astra Kitchen ( which I love ) which was installed in 2013. In the process of replacing appliances; I needed that specific model, style and size cabinet to replace an icemaker. He did not hesitate to help me, responded to all my texts and calls and found the replacement for me. He went above and beyond to find it for me. Top notch customer service!