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[ Creating Perfect Kitchen Cabinets ]

Our Kitchen Look like Furniture and Work like a Dream

Kitchen Cabinets are said to be the most important part of our kitchen. Considering this, “Elements KBF” has opened a beautiful store on Kitchen Cabinets in Fort Lauderdale and Boynton Beach. There are different cabinets available in our store, so you can buy any design to make your kitchen look attractive. We always try to create the best quality cabinets giving your kitchen a stunning look. It’s our responsibility to provide you with the best Kitchen Cabinets in Fort Lauderdale and Boynton Beach or anywhere in Florida. You can also say that these cabinets are also called built-in furniture installed in our kitchen to store food, cooking equipment, and some table serving utensils.
[ Our expertise ranges across multiple Remodeling styles ]

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Wall Cabinets

Kitchen wall cabinets are mounted on walls, which we typically use to store appliances and utensils.

Kitchen Base Cabinets

These kitchen cabinets are essential for our kitchen because it supports most of the weight of our kitchen.

Kitchen Corner Cabinets

Stylish kitchen corner cabinets gives a stunner look when installed in a kitchen. These cabinets give the kitchen a fresh look.

Kitchen Island Cabinets

A freestanding cabinet that can either match your kitchen design or increase the attraction of your kitchen is known as Kitchen Island.

Kitchen Glass Door Cabinets

Glass is almost for any theme or design of your kitchen. It gives your kitchen and sparkling look.

Kitchen Pantry Cabinets

If you want to have a pantry cabinet, then it is not a big deal because you don’t require any permanent installation for that.

Kosher Kitchens

Kosher kitchens differ from other kitchen styles in various respects and have some particular requirements.

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What People Say

Floreana Fontana
Floreana Fontana
I’m very happy with the attention and service I received from Nilda, already finished the installation process and final details and my Kitchen is looking beautiful just like I wanted, and the quality is AMAZING!
Rehan Tahir
Rehan Tahir
Amazing people with great courtesy. The place has quite a great options for cabinets. Definately recommending Elements to my friends as they have a team of professionals right from the sales till the installation. Even the prices are competitive...
Adam Kayce
Adam Kayce
AMAZING WORK and FLAWLESS SERVICE! Going into the process of remodeling is stressful but when you work with a team with as much knowledge and experience as ELEMENTS KBF your mind gets put to ease. The experience was fun and their team offered advise that transformed our project. I highly suggest visiting their showroom and you be happy that you did as they have beautiful displays showcasing what your home can be!
John Guerrero
John Guerrero
Had a bathroom floating vanity installed recently. From the salesroom experience with knowledgeable sales staff to the measurement process and install, everything went smoothly and perfectly. The finished product is absolutely gorgeous. Highly recommend going to Elements!
Debbie Cruz
Debbie Cruz
Everyone is so pleasurable to work with. Love our beautiful new kitchen
John Fratello
John Fratello
Extremely satisfied with Kichitalia! From the quality of the product to the customer service. They truly stand behind what their selling. The design team was very helpful in the planning of our dream Kitchen. Using computer software, we were able to see exactly how everything would come together. Upon installation, there were a few issues that arose, but like I mentioned they stand behind their work. Things got resolved even after we paid for the kitchen in full. A special thanks to Johnathan, Stephanie, Marcella and the Owner Morshe.
Thanks so much to Johnathan Edghill; professional, friendly – no hesitation to assist me. My experience with Johnathan and Kitchitalia was excellent. I purchased a home with an Astra Kitchen ( which I love ) which was installed in 2013. In the process of replacing appliances; I needed that specific model, style and size cabinet to replace an icemaker. He did not hesitate to help me, responded to all my texts and calls and found the replacement for me. He went above and beyond to find it for me. Top notch customer service!