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Kitchen Cabinet Design Layout

Plan Your Kitchen Cabinet Design Layout

You want to design or renovate your Kitchen but must figure out your kitchen cabinet design layout. Cabinet design will make a kitchen more livable, but it has something to do with the layout. This factor stands out on a significant note to make Kitchen cabinets more functional. The suitable cabinet design layout improves storage and organization and provides an overall visual charm to your Kitchen. This blog post will discover the art and science behind designing the perfect kitchen cabinet layout.

How to design a kitchen cabinet layout?

Before moving toward the kitchen cabinet design layout, we must understand the Kitchen space. We can have a practical idea about the dimensions to consider the key components of the size and shape of the Kitchen. It will help us to understand the crafting factors to maximize the practical use and functionalities with its refined design. Now, let’s figure out the types of kitchen cabinet layouts further to understand everyone’s basic needs and preferences. 

Types of Kitchen Cabinets

These are several kitchen cabinet layouts to further categorize them according to design requirements. 

  • Galley Layout: This is exemplary for narrow Kitchens with parallel cabinets and walls. It provides efficient and streamlined space in the Kitchen for cooking activities easily.
  • L-Shaped Layout: This layout forms an L-shape to utilize the design with two adjacent walls in the Kitchen. It gives ample space on the counters in both small and large Kitchens. 
  • U-shaped layout: Cabinets in a U-shape layout allow us maximum space and a counter place to utilize. This layout is a perfect choice for an open and large Kitchen to have an organized cooking space in your Kitchen.
  • Island Layout: This kitchen cabinet layout design allows us to have an extra countertop in the Kitchen with extra storage as an integration of an Island. Consider it a versatile open choice that provides an available kitchen design

Optimize an Open Kitchen Storage Solutions:

Open space and maximum storage are valuable points for any Kitchen. If you are planning to hire a kitchen cabinet layout designer to design your cabinet according to your Kitchen space, consider these solutions initially.

  • Pull-Out Shelves: It will make accessing every item in your cabinets easy without juggling layers of crockery or spice jars. 
  • Deep Drawers: This is the latest kitchen cabinet layout design for an ideal spot for your pots and pans in cabinets with easy access and organization. 
  • Vertical Dividers: These are space-saving and smartly designed to provide a perfect standing place for managing your cutting boards and trays. Keep everything in a row to keep it well-occupied.
  • Lazy Susans: Try implementing these rotating tray layouts in your cabinet design for exceptional accessibility. It will allow you to maximize the space in your corner cabinets. 

Design Considerations for Kitchen Cabinet Layout:

Apart from mainly focusing on functionality and practical use of kitchen cabinets, please pay attention to the visually appealing design without making it overdesign. 

Therefore, Consider the following decent elements for your Kitchen Cabinet Layout Design:

  • Cabinet Finishes: Make sure to use selective finishes in a single theme to complete the overall look of your Kitchen so you can have a modern yet traditional look.
  • Hardware Selection: While having a decent layout design to make an elegant look of your Kitchen, pay attention to the handles and knobs to make a significant appearance. Select the hardware design that completes the manner of your kitchen style.
  • Open Shelving: The latest style is to have open shelves showing decorative pieces on the front display. Moreover, it makes it easy to put and have easy access to your daily use items on the front shelve.

Add Technology in Kitchen Cabinet Design Layout:

Add modern technology to your kitchen for a more convenient cabinet layout design. Install software features in cabinets that will allow you to experiment with various technology-based features, for instance, LED color coordination through app control sensor-based cabinet doors. Further, you can have a visual layout to decide on your kitchen cabinet layout design. 


In conclusion, I would like to suggest our special kitchen customization design of the cabinet layout at Elements KBF. Visit our showroom to understand your requirements with a range of various Kitchen cabinet layout designs. Make sure to have a perfect choice while choosing a plan so you can make a balance between functionality and design. Further, understand the kitchen space and storage to select the right type of kitchen cabinet design. Invest in the right design for a well-organized and decent kitchen cabinet layout design. 

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