Kitchen Base Cabinets

Kitchen Base Cabinets

Base Cabinets are considered to be the third essential element of the kitchen. It not only adds to the storage capacity but also covers the area. To fill the kitchen area with the materials of your choice, we have a variety of materials in your budget range.

As its name suggests, this product mainly adds to the storage capacity of the kitchen base. For this purpose, Elements KBF offers you a wide variety of materials that suit your kitchen and are in the budget range. You can choose any of the material that falls within your budget range. This will add to the appearance of your kitchen and fulfill your demand. We provide kitchen options from low to high budget range.

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Kitchen base cabinets are resting on the lower/bottom of the kitchen floors, which offers the space and storage capacity for making the kitchen free from clutter. The structural design is crafted to support the countertops. Additionally, this type of cabinetry is great for organizing with drawers, shelves, or racks.

Moreover, there are endless custom varieties available in sizes, shapes, and colors. But, typically the size of kitchen base cabinets averages around 36 inches in height. On the other hand, the depth size varies according to the customer’s preferences for adding how many drawers and shelves they want to their cabinetry. You can visit the nearest showroom of Elements KBF in Boynton Beach to choose your personal style.

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Ravishing & Best Kitchen Base Cabinets Designs

Every base cabinet comes with peculiarities and different storage capacities. Designing the layout of your kitchen will determine the appropriate cabinet selection. So, in this case, we have brought you the best solutions that will help you determine which type and style of base cabinets will be suitable for your kitchen. Let’s find out below:

Sink Base Cabinets

This type of cabinetry is installed under the sink and will support your plumbing and other sink-related items. It is constructed with two false-front drawers and two large doors at the bottom.

Corner Base Cabinets

As the name mentions, this cabinetry is designed on the corner side of the kitchen base. It features two doors and one false-front drawer, and it delivers a very subtle and graceful look.

Drawer Base Cabinets

It will give you multiple options for drawers for extensive storage capacity.


Our services are not only limited to Kitchen cabinets or transformation rather it goes way beyond that; we offer bathroom vanities, countertops, floor tiles, etc. A Walk-in Closet is one of our main products that is preferred by most customers to be customized as per their preference.

How Do I Measure My Kitchen for Base Cabinets?

Measure the wall length, height, and appliance space, consider clearance, and make a rough sketch for accurate planning of kitchen measurements.

What Are the Best Hardware Options for Base Cabinets?

The best hardware options for base cabinets are knobs, pull-outs, and handles made with nickel, stainless steel, and brass.

What Is the Installation Cost for Base Cabinets in Fort Lauderdale?

The cost of installing base cabinets varies and depends on the customer’s preferences hardware options, material, finishing, and designing will impact on the cost.

Where to Buy?

Elements KBF are a one-stop-shop for kitchen interiors, from cabinet design to installation. We are providing our services in Boynton Beach and Fort Lauderdale. Request a free quote now.


Customization Options Available For Base Cabinets

We are offering customization options for base cabinets at our Fort Lauderdale Cabinetry House. That include cabinet dimensions, door styles, finishes, hardware, and interior organization features to suit specific kitchen layouts and design preferences.