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How to Pair Kitchen Countertops with Dark Kitchen Cabinets?

When you are going for kitchen remodeling or want to remodel your kitchen, one of the most important things that you should consider first is the color of your kitchen cabinets. Well, 80% of the visible space in your kitchen is taken up by your kitchen cabinet doors, and the exterior.

There are various color themes available such as modern texture, contemporary, or traditional. You are probably thinking about what hues you should choose for your kitchen so that it looks the best.

It depends on you to choose the color as per your taste whether you like some spice-up colors or neutrals. Well, you can ask any expert for guidance related to the color scheme of your kitchen.

Now, most of the time people think that they should choose the kitchen countertops first. But, did you know that countertops are one of the most expensive elements in any kitchen? In this blog, you will learn about pairing kitchen countertops with different-colored kitchen cabinets:

Which Countertops Go Best with the Dark Wood Cabinets?

If you are going to have custom kitchen cabinets, then you must have asked the manufacturer to customize the color of your kitchen cabinets in Boynton Beach. So, now the next thing you have to choose for your kitchen is the kitchen countertops.

You can choose from the plethora of countertop materials available such as granite, quartz, marble, etc. Most of the time, homeowners choose natural material countertops because of the elegant look they offer to their home.

Along with hundreds of different cabinet types and color combinations, there are thousands of countertop color options available for your kitchen design. 

The process of choosing a combination will excite some people while being intimidating to others because there are seemingly unlimited choices. 

This blog will serve as a useful guide for you on how to choose a countertop that complements gray cabinets, matches your cherry cabinetry, and looks best with white cabinets. 

Go for a Light-Toned and appealing Contrast

It is hard to go wrong when you pair your dark-colored kitchen cabinets with lighter-colored countertops. It doesn’t matter whether you personally like contemporary or traditional style, you should always choose the contrasting colors of kitchen cabinets and countertops.

This is such an amazing theme if you choose contrasting colors for your cabinets and countertops. Additionally, the lighter countertops will be fantastic at reflecting more light, which will help to brighten the space.

For example, the light and dark tones by using Butterfly Beige timeless granite countertops with dark Chocolate Pear cabinetry successfully balance the color styles.

Freshen Up the Scheme with Crisp, Bright Whites

Your best option when searching for the proper countertop for a contemporary dark cabinet kitchen will be a brilliant white design, often solid or with little movement.

 For example, you can have a kitchen with Chocolate Pear cabinets, but this one is much more contemporary, all thanks to its Prestige Plain door and opulent Cambria Quartz Weybourne worktops.

This combination is actually quite adaptable and not just for contemporary projects. It will look fantastic and have the same balancing effect as light and creamy counters if you choose a white countertop for your traditional wood kitchen.

Set a Sophisticated Tone with Shades of Cool Gray

The gray color is quite popular among people for their kitchen design themes. This is because it offers a quite classic appeal and a cool color for the eyes. In this gray color, kitchen countertops in particular look the best.

You can have different shades of gray together which can give an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen.

Think classic or transitional kitchen designs to achieve a blended aesthetic when matching a gray countertop with dark cabinets.

Select Gold Color for the Ideal Combination

When coupled with darker-colored cabinets, countertop colors with neutral base tones and golden versions look gorgeous.

 Golden hues complement espresso-colored cabinets particularly well. By selecting plain styles for the cabinets and hardware and simple edge styles for the countertops, you can really let these colors show.

Although there are a few exceptions, dark cabinetry typically looks best when combined with neutral-colored surfaces.

You probably won’t be dissatisfied with how they complement your dark cabinetry if you stay with color schemes that are prevalent in these color families.

Pairing White Countertops with Dark Kitchen Cabinetry

White quartz countertops, for example, create a striking contrast when paired with dark cabinetry, adding additional light to your design. It is an excellent strategy to avoid having too many dark-colored surfaces that make the room feel cramped or oppressive.

White granite countertops with light veining combined with dark wood cabinetry will offer your kitchen design a warm appeal if you want a modern look with less of a dramatic impact.

Veined Countertops with Dark Kitchen Cabinetry

A creamy and gentle color transition is produced by selecting lighter-colored countertops with veining, such as marble or granite, that are the same or comparable color as the cabinets.

 For kitchens with dark cabinets and floors, it provides excellent color coordination and a less abrupt contrast.

To match cabinets with deeper colors, you can also choose granite or marble countertops with shimmering or gold veining. This will enhance the room’s brightness and opulence.

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