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Dark Kitchen Cabinets

How to Pair Countertop Colors with Dark Cabinets?

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, many homeowners start with the color of their cabinets, which makes sense because cabinet doors and exteriors take up nearly 80% of the visible space in your kitchen.
Because countertops are one of the more expensive things in a kitchen remodel, there’s a case to be made for picking them first. However, there is no right or wrong method to go about it.

For a modern or transitional kitchen look, black cabinetry is frequently coupled with white, cream, or light grey counters. In most cases, lighter colors complement dark cabinets perfectly.

What counter color goes best with dark cabinets?

If you’ve already decided on a cabinet color, the next step will most likely be to choose a countertop that matches. There are hundreds of cabinet styles and color combinations to choose from, as well as thousands of countertop color options. With almost limitless options, some people will find the process of choosing a combination thrilling, while others may find it intimidating. Don’t be concerned! We’re here to assist you.
We’ve already given you some pointers on which countertop colors go best with white cabinets, grey cabinets, and cherry cabinets. So, to continue with this series of useful posts, we’ll show you how to mix dark cabinet types with countertop colors.

Light Countertop Colors

When you match dark cabinets with lighter-colored counters, it’s difficult to go wrong. Contrasting your cabinets and countertops will work well with either conventional or contemporary kitchen design schemes, regardless of your own kitchen taste. Additionally, the lighter countertops will reflect more light, helping to brighten the space. Dark Chocolate Pear cabinets are paired with Butterfly Beige granite countertops in this example, which perfectly balances the light and dark tones.

When light counters, such as Classic White Quartzite, are coupled with dark cabinets, the dark and light dimensions of the black and white pieces truly give you that modern kitchen aesthetic.
Look for light countertops with details (veins, flecks, patterns) that complement the dark cabinets if you want to tie the cabinets and the counters together. Dark cherry cabinets, for example, with a white countertop with cherry-colored brown veining.

1. White Countertop Colors

When choosing a countertop for a modern dark cabinet kitchen, a bright white design, often solid or with minimal movement, will be your best option. Another Chocolate Pear cabinet kitchen, this time with a Prestige Plain door and Cambria Quartz Weybourne counters, but much more modern.
This combination is actually quite adaptable, and it isn’t just for modern designs. If you choose a white countertop for your traditional wood kitchen, it will look fantastic and have the same balancing effect as light and creamy worktops.

2. Light & Creamy Contrast:

It is hard to go wrong when you pair your dark cabinets with lighter-colored countertops. Whether your kitchen style is traditional or contemporary, contrasting your cabinets and countertops will work well with either kitchen design scheme. And, the lighter countertops will do a fabulous job of reflecting more light—helping to brighten up the room. granite countertops, balancing the light and dark tones quite nicely.

 Pairing up Moorland Fog Quartz might help you increase your kitchen beauty.

Dark Countertop Colors

Dark countertops may not seem like the logical choice when you already have dark cabinetry. But, dark wood with dark granite worktops, for example, might seem sumptuous and expensive, so don’t rule it out.
Dark cabinets and countertops can give off a gothic sense, which may or may not be the vibe you’re trying for, but this isn’t the case for most people. To counterbalance this, use lighter colors and textures in other kitchen areas, such as white walls, a light backsplash, a light ceiling, or wood flooring.
You may create a unique contemporary kitchen by combining an all-dark scheme with the correct splashes of color and lighter colored flooring or wall accents. White cabinets are a thing of the past!

1. Shades of Cool Gray

Gray is one of the most popular colors for kitchen countertops because of the classic, cool hue combined with a range of shades. Colors for cabinets that fall close to a medium-toned hue can be used with granite countertops like the image below. The result is stunning surfaces that can be set off by walnut cabinetry.
The image below by Sk Stones features its Armani Grey Marble, which blends shades of gray and black.

2. Go for the Gold

Countertops with neutral hues and golden shades look beautiful when combined with dark cabinets. Likewise, golden hues are gorgeous in espresso cabinets. Allow these hues to shine by choosing a plain edge for countertops and selecting simple designs for your cabinetry and hardware.
Black and Gold Marble from Sk Stones can prove to be your best choice.

3. Adapting to Black

Countertops made of black granite are making a comeback in our kitchens. Matte or glossy with veining of different degrees and splashes of various shades, black countertops always create an impressive appearance. The granite variety is also offering strong performance. It is as durable and sturdy as other granite dark granite countertops are always a striking statement.

Azul Bali is an option if you are thinking to implement this blackout plan,

Well, Whatever design style you pick, we would like to see you can find the perfect color countertop for your dark kitchen cabinets.

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Comments (2)

  1. Sunny Armstrong
    August 31, 2022

    Thanks for the suggestions! I’m thinking about installing black counters. Black and gold sound great together, but I don’t want the kitchen to look too out there. A mix of black and white with grey as a buffer or transition sounds like a good idea. What do you think?

  2. Mia Evans
    August 10, 2023

    I love that you talked about granite countertops in the beige color which will balance well with the light and dark tones of the cabinets. I will keep that in mind when I look for granite countertops for sale when my kitchen gets renovated this all costs. It will be a nice choice of color, especially when I have a hard time bearing different types of hues because of not being a creative person which is why this is a huge help for me.

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