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Kitchen Island - Kitchen Base Cabinet

How to Make Kitchen Island Out of Kitchen Base Cabinet?

Kitchen remodeling always attracts individuals as it involves creative and innovative ideas you can implement in your kitchen. One of the amazing ideas is to make kitchen base cabinets out of kitchen islands.

The kitchen island you make with the base cabinets is a cheap option for your kitchen. These kitchen cabinets are of different types, heights, and styles. You can customize them as per your style and design ideas.

Elements KBF offers different types of cabinets for your kitchen. You can plan your kitchen base cabinet manufacture with us. In this blog, we will look into some steps through which you can make your kitchen base cabinets from the kitchen island. So, let’s proceed to learn more:

Tips to Make Kitchen Island from Kitchen Base Cabinets 

Always select strong and durable kitchen cabinets to make a kitchen island out of kitchen base cabinets. Make sure that they are made of sturdy materials like wood or fiberwood. Don’t purchase those cabinets with cardboard backs, as they won’t function in the long run.

  • Your kitchen may be more functional thanks to the kitchen island if it can:
  • Make additional space for kitchen necessities.
  • More work surfaces or kitchen counter space where food can be prepared.
  • Extra kitchenware and utensils can be kept in the cabinets underneath the kitchen island. Additionally, all of these items are simple to get when you are cooking.
  • If your kitchen is open to your living room or dining room, it defines the area in your home’s open floor plan.
  • Since everyone in the house congregates in the kitchen, it becomes the focal point of the room. If you like cooking, then the kitchen island will be an amazing place for you to work.
  • You can also use your kitchen island to eat your meals.

The kitchen island offers you a lot of functionality in your home as it’s in the middle of the kitchen and close to the light. Now, let’s move toward what you need to make a kitchen island from base cabinets.

Things You Need to Make Kitchen Island

Following are the things that you need to make your kitchen island:

  • Base cabinets for the kitchen
  • Clamps
  • Wood glue
  • Pencil
  • Sandpaper with grits
  • 2 x 4 board that’s 8 feet long
  • Drill bits for pilot holes
  • Tape measure
  • Wood screws
  • Bits for the drill and the screwdriver
  • Circular saw
  • Trim-head screws
  • Butcher block slab for a counter

It is a challenging task to put a cabinet-based island together, but professional experts can do it excellently.

How You Can Make Kitchen Island from Base Cabinets:

There are some steps that you have to follow when making a kitchen island from kitchen base cabinets. These are:

Determine the Size and Placement of the Kitchen Island

To begin with, make sure there is enough room around your kitchen island so you can walk around it.

A kitchen island should have 42–48 inches of clearance. A kitchen island should have a perimeter of at least 42 inches. Forty-eight inches is preferable if the kitchen has enough space.

 The kitchen island shouldn’t be installed if there aren’t at least 36 inches of room on all sides. If not, it will be difficult to walk and carry out other tasks due to the island’s narrow aisle way.

Kitchen base cabinets typically have a depth of 24 inches. You require 108 inches of room. For a 42-inch route width. If you want to add seating to one side, add 12 extra inches. Within your kitchen, you require a total of 120 inches. Combining multiple sizes will allow you to alter the length of your island.

Connecting the Cabinets

After measuring the dimensions and size, connect the cabinets back-to-back to get the exact floor cheat measurements. Put your kitchen cabinets on a flat surface.

On the back side of a cabinet, apply glue from top to bottom and on the side edges too. After this, align the tops and sides of the cabinet when you put them together. Clamp the tops of the cabinets together.

To keep the cabinets together, drill pilot holes and insert wood screws about 3/4 inch below the top borders of the cabinets.

Reverse everything. Align the cabinets’ sides, clamp them together, and fasten the screws one to two inches from the bottom. Give the glue a full day to dry.

Attach the Base Cabinets

Now, in this step, start attaching the base cabinets to the 24 supports by screwing the cabinets together. Measure the base width of each cabinet to determine the length of the cleats.

Two pieces of 2×4 lumber should be cut to the proper length for the cleats using a circular or miter saw. Find out the thickness of the toe kicks and side walls of the cabinets.

On the kitchen floor, set the island base (cabinet assembly) upright. Mark the island’s four corners on the floor with a pencil. Remove the island.

Measure in from the lines you drew, mark the floor and use the thickness of the side and toe-kick as a guide.

Each cleat should be placed on the marked lines. For cleats to be fastened to the floor, drill pilot holes and use wood screws.

Make an Island Foundation

Now, set your kitchen island over the cleats and secure it with trim-head screws. After that, place your kitchen island above the two cleats so that your cabinets and floor are on the same level.

Verify that the original lines you drew are still present at each island corner. Drill pilot holes and fasten the toe-kick of each cabinet to the cleat behind it using trim-head screws. Screws should be inserted into the wood beneath the surface.

Prepare your counter

You have control over how far the countertop protrudes from the edge. Remember that an overhang doesn’t have to be the same on all sides and can serve both aesthetic and functional purposes. Before cutting, you can test the overhang depths with a countertop scrap or the blank itself.

Add the desired length and width of the overhang for the countertop to the measurement of the top of the island’s base. The countertop should be cut using a circular saw to the desired size.

Make the edges and corners as smooth and rounded as you desire by sanding the cut edge to remove any saw marks. To become smooth, start with coarse sandpaper and progress to finer grits as necessary.

Attach a board or straightedge to the countertop to serve as a base guide for the circular saw. This keeps the cut edge from splitting and ensures that the cut is straight.

Put the Kitchen Countertop in Place

Your choice of kitchen island countertop will rely on your preferences, spending limit, and usage. Here are some of the most popular countertop options available to you:

Granite is a widely used substance. Although it is pricey, it is renowned for being sturdy and effective at keeping moisture out. Although butcher block counters are attractive, they require a lot of maintenance.

Compared to granite countertops, quartz countertops are more durable. Granite is softer than quartz. However, excessive heat from a cooking pan can harm it.

The Bottom Line

In this blog, we tell you how you can make a kitchen island from your kitchen base cabinets. Elements KBF provides you with various types of kitchen cabinets, which include Italian kitchen cabinets and custom kitchen cabinets too. We offer you premium-quality kitchen cabinets in Boynton Beach. So, get your hands today on the best-designed kitchen cabinets.


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