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5 Great Bathroom Vanity Ideas to Execute right now

A vanity segment of the bathroom often combines a sink, countertop, storage, and a mirror. Vanities can have more than just these components, including vanity lights, architectural details, built-in shelves, and many more. Vanities are an essential part of your overall bathroom appearance for style and functionality.

Usually, bathroom vanities are very streamlined, mostly placed to keep plumbing out of sight and with very little storage to talk about. In other cases, the bathroom vanity will include generous storage or even a wall-to-wall formation.

Well, if you want to turn your place into a comfortable sanctuary. Then you need some elegant ideas; we might have something to surprise you. Here are some ways you can turn your old, clumsy bathroom into a lavishing one.

Below are some ideas for an eye-catching bathroom makeover:

Things to consider:

Before going out in search of a vanity unit, you have to keep the following things in mind:

  • There are plenty of styles out there to choose from. So you have to go for a style that might fit into your theme.
  • Bathroom vanities come in several designs and sizes. You want a small round vanity or a wide rectangular one, that’s your choice.
  • According to your attire, a bathroom vanity is made using a large variety of materials. (wood, laminate, natural stone, particleboard, and many more).
  • One thing to consider is that either you want a vanity with storage or to give a luxurious glance to your place by adding some details like a vanity mirror, lights, shelves, and other accessories.

1. Include a decent small vanity

small vanities

Your bathroom space might be too small for a full-fledged room of storage. But if you want a fully organized space, then you might be in search of some small vanity designs that can fit into your space. In this case, you should go for a single vanity that will add an elegant touch to your toilet space.

You can opt for a single vanity giving a modern look to your toilet, or you can also go for simple storage to provide an old vintage feel. There are plenty of options available for you to choose from.

2. Dilate more space with a floating vanity

floating vanities

Floating bathroom vanities are in a swing these days, offering to bring out a lot of style and space. There are several reasons to go for a floating or hanging vanity as it makes the area look bigger without compromising on storage also makes the cleaning process more manageable. In addition, they can give a stylish look to your environment.

These vanities are mounted to the wall to save a bunch of space. They are available in various designs, materials, and textures according to the color scheme of your area. You can also choose from a vast range of sizes and some hardware accessories to match the theme that comes with the package.

3. Free-standing vanities in vogue

freestanding vanity

A free-standing unit might be the type of vanity you are looking for. Free-standing bathroom vanities do not require any cracking or fixing on the wall. They stand up on the floor, facilitating easy cleaning and other purposes.

You can go for a free-standing vanity choosing from various square or rectangular designs coming from a vast variation in color, material, and innovation.

4. Go for a rustic touch with a wooden vanity

wooden vanity

Suppose you want a vintage look and search for a remodeler to redesign your bathroom area to give an exquisite natural glance. In that case, you should consider these wooden vanity styles to showcase the beauty of natural wood. These units of craftsmanship can add a manner of artistry to your space.

Many types of wood are available to make vanities ranging in quality and price so that you can pick any of those according to your preference and budget. Although these wooden vanities require a little more maintenance than the other materials, they can be the best choice if kept with good care.

5. Illuminate with a black bathroom vanity

black  vanity

This theme proves that you don’t need massive space to create a dashing toilet area. You need a perfect piece, including a light-colored backsplash or flooring, which goes perfect with a black vanity that might be of any type (wooden, floating, round, free-standing) along with the decorations.

Black bathroom vanities are versatile in styles and themes; when paired with a piece of lighter music can be an eye-catching masterpiece giving a luxurious look to the whole area. Trending right now, modern vanities in a matte polish go outstanding with a bright environment.

Key takeaway

To sum up, remodeling a Bathroom is a fascinating and frustrating activity for homeowners. Hence, the design of vanities should complement the interior design of your bathroom. Moreover, it should be efficient while still being within your budget. Now you know the thing to consider when remodeling your bathroom.

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  1. Bramhall
    August 3, 2022

    This article provides some helpful advice. Making small changes can have a big impact. Thank you for sharing this information.

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