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Why Lower Kitchen Wall Cabinets Are Still Important in Kitchens with Islands?

In today’s time, kitchen wall cabinets are one of the best options you can have for storing excessive things in your kitchen. Nowadays, people prefer modern design kitchens such as exposed walls, emphasis on kitchen islands, and open floor plans.

Well, in the modern design kitchen, you can also install the kitchen wall cabinets. These wall cabinets are also quite popular among homeowners because of the enhanced functionality they offer to their users.

You can have endless options when you search for kitchen wall cabinets. Moreover, they are available in a large number of designs too. One of the amazing things about these kitchen cabinets is that they can fit in any style and size.

In this blog, you will learn about kitchen wall cabinets that how are they still important in those kitchens which have kitchen islands:

How Kitchen Wall Cabinets Are Still Important for a Modern Design Kitchen?

When a designer designs a modern design kitchen, then some things are part of the modern design. These things include fewer cabinets, an open kitchen floor plan, and exposed walls.

Indeed, more households are moving in this direction because their kitchens are used for more than just cooking and eating. Their kitchens also use as meeting rooms and workspaces.

Well, most of the time professional kitchen remodeling experts ask you to eliminate the kitchen wall cabinets, and instead of them install a kitchen island. This makes your kitchen an inviting space.

But, when you have a combination of both the kitchen island and wall cabinets, then it offers you plenty of storage. Well, here are the facts on how kitchen wall cabinets can be places best with the kitchen island:

Enhances Storage

You likely aren’t aware on a daily basis that your lower cabinets conceal several items from view, such as pipes and hot and cold water hoses, that would appear odd if exposed in contemporary, warehouse-style kitchen decor.

Additionally, some kitchens have lower cabinets that conceal wiring or wall doors that open to reveal electrical boxes or inner wall wiring. Your cabinets also conceal any associated wiring and cables if your kitchen is wired for Internet or cable television.

Reduced Crowding

Now, if you place the kitchen wall cabinets in a lower position along with the kitchen countertops, you can work together with different people. If you have two or more people trying to prepare or cook food at once, a kitchen with merely an island isn’t as effective or efficient as one with lower cabinets.

Even with movable workstations, a bad traffic pattern can still lead to carts tipping over and food spilling. The likelihood of accidental falls, wounds, and burns increases when people congregate close to a single workstation or portable station.


Kitchen wall cabinets are aesthetically pleasing too, as they can hide any extra items or appliances into them. Well, you may think that these cabinets can act as a great storage option so you can only store cooking-related items in them. But, the reality is that they can store many other items in them.

Specifically, we’re saying about house parts like pipes, water hoses, wiring, or different cables that might pass through the space.

For these components, which you definitely don’t want to expose in the kitchen for both aesthetic and safety reasons, lower wall cabinets are frequently the primary storage locations.

Temperature Concerns

Many people don’t even think of cabinets as being in this category. Although they can be very useful for controlling temperature and insulation in the kitchen.

Extreme external temperatures may seep in and affect the kitchen, especially in older homes that may have cracks or other temperature issues with the main walls.

However, if you have high-quality lower wall cabinets, they can significantly affect indoor climate and save your monthly heating and cooling costs.

It has been observed that the kitchen designing and remodeling trend is constantly changing with time. Now, let us have a look at some of the design trends which you can opt for with these wall cabinets. These are:

Clean Aesthetics

The modernistic design has long had an impact on home decoration. These modern ideas have sparked a taste for simple, streamlined kitchen cabinetry. So choosing kitchen wall cabinets with simple, clean lines and smooth edge profiles can help you create a fashionable, modern kitchen.

Custom Colors

Homeowners are beginning to shy away from generic kitchen layouts in favor of custom cabinets that express their own personalities and tastes.

One of the best ways to get this distinctive style is through color, and you can design your cabinets with virtually countless color combinations.

Transitional Styling

The ideal “happy medium” for homeowners looking to experiment with all styles in their kitchens is a transitional design.

By experimenting with combining modern and traditional design components, you may create a timeless look for your area. By purchasing wall cabinets that are manufactured to order, you can create this appearance in your kitchen.

Get Your Hands on the Premium Quality Kitchen Cabinetry

So, now, if you are going for a kitchen remodeling in Boynton Beach, or designing your kitchen from scratch, kitchen wall cabinets will be an ideal option. At Elements KBF, we are offering premium quality cabinetry for your kitchen needs.

We also deal in custom kitchen cabinets which can be customized as per your requirements. So, get your hands today on the exotic kitchen cabinets available in different styles for your home!

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