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What Cabinets to Use for an Island?

Adding an island to your kitchen is the simplest way to make it more functional and elegant in terms of design and storage. The kitchen island is a freestanding cabinet assembly usually found in the center of a kitchen. Kitchen cabinets help store utensils and appliances. One-bedroom apartments are widely purchased and rented nowadays due to elevated prices and monthly rents. A kitchen island with usable cabinets adds storage, aesthetics, and workspace. Well-designed kitchen islands make the multipurpose kitchen the most excellent place in a house.

The kitchen island is the preference of most people; the only thing they seem confused about is the style of kitchen island cabinets. There are plenty of options available, and it is entirely up to your taste on what you want to have in your kitchen. Here are a few things to consider as you plan for your kitchen island.

Base Cabinets for a Kitchen Island

Base cabinets are widely used for kitchen islands. ­most kitchen island comes built-in in modern houses, but you can make a custom one if you are designing your kitchen yourself. Kitchen Islands can be easily custom designed, suiting the size and style of your liking. Take your time planning your island’s architecture, and don’t let tradition deter you from doing all the fantastic things you want to accomplish. Let’s get to that later.

If you enjoy DIY (Do It Yourself), you must be pretty cautious when getting cabinet measurements for the island. You should be aware of the material you will use for the kitchen island in addition to the measurements. For example, if you want to use stone counters, such as marble, quartzite, or granite, you should consider how this would affect the island’s construction. The kitchen island cabinets should support the weight of the countertops.

kitchen island cabinet storage ideas

Stock Cabinets in Kitchen Island

You can easily use stock cabinets to make a kitchen island design. Indeed, you can use stock cabinets to develop a unique island for a quarter of a customized cost. To create an island for kitchen sitting, use taller cabinetry. Alternatively, go with tried-and-tested standard-height cabinets and add exciting features like open shelves, wine shelves, and spice shelves.

Stock cabinets are available in any size you require. Begin by measuring and outlining the size of the island on the kitchen floor with sticky tape. Then figure out how many stock cabinets you’ll need to finish your island. 

Different uses of Cabinets

Creativity has no limits; you can be much more creative today as plenty of ideas are available on the internet. The selection of cabinets relies on your requirements. They can accommodate kitchen appliances and make more functional space.

Another unique idea is to create a prep station. You can place a garbage bin and add a hole on the countertop for quick disposal. Or include miniprep sinks in the prep island. Set a minibar theme in the kitchen if you want to be more elegant. For this purpose, set up stylish bar-type chairs around the kitchen island. You can cook, relax, and cater to guests or homies simultaneously. 

During COVID-19, creativity spikes as everything go online. Parents and children have online jobs and online classes, respectively at the same time. Having a decorated kitchen island with a sitting area proves to be helpful in this scenario. kitchen island serves as a table and sophisticated workspace. 

Black kitchen island cabinets

Should Your Kitchen Island Match Your Cabinets?

The theme of the kitchen cabinet may or may not be matched to the kitchen island. It depends on whether you want to be minimalistic or colored. For example, Norwegians and Danishes prefer minimalistic designs, so matching the island theme to the cabinet is preferable. 

While in the United States and much of the UK, color contrast is more popular. Color contrast sets apart the cabinets from the island. You can go with a bi or tri-color theme. Kitchens are the hearts of the homes, and a catchy island catches the attention and makes the kitchen elegant. Dark grey kitchen cabinets and blue gray kitchen island cabinets are a classy way to go with them. 

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Inspiring Kitchen Island End Panel Design Ideas

Kitchen Island End Panel Design

End panels are sometimes overlooked because they don’t appear to be many possibilities for them. But, if you think about it and plan, they may be an excellent addition to the kitchen Island, helping you build a stylish and helpful design. Consider the following end panel options for the kitchen island to enhance efficiency and elegance.

You can apply electric outlets in the kitchen cabinets, end panels for appliances, and charging for your laptops and other tabletop kitchen appliances, all depending on your needs.

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