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What are Shaker-Style Cabinets?

If you’ve recently become interested in improving the storage space in your kitchen or bathroom, you’ll almost certainly come across the term “shaker.” Shaker refers to a style of American framed cabinets with certain characteristics in common. Shaker-Style cabinets have distinct visual characteristics that create a strong statement in any kitchen that features them. Their appearance is traditional and understated, giving kitchens and bathrooms a timeless refinement. Incorporating them into modern remodels is becoming increasingly trendy.

The Shakers, also known as the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing, gave their name to Shaker-style cabinets. There are barely a few Shakers surviving now, with only one Shaker village remaining. Their furniture, on the other hand, has had a long-term impact. The Shakers believed that the furniture was more honest because of its simplicity.


Shaker cabinets have boxy, rectangular look. Let’s say you have the shape of a rectangle in your wood. Imagine another rectangle being carved within it, however, it is smaller. A four-cornered frame with an inset panel creates the overall look. There aren’t any sharp curving lines, and most linear lines follow straight. Rail and stile construction is the common name of the Shaker cabinet’s panel-and-frame structure. The Shaker cabinet comprises five components, including the panel the stiles along two rails.

Benefits of Shaker Cabinets

Shaker cabinets are utilized throughout the home and kitchens, but Shaker cabinets give a classy look. They can create a cleaner kitchen. In addition, Shaker cabinets attract homeowners due to their timeless design. There is one less item to consider if you need to remodel. Shaker cabinets don’t go out of fashion. They can give a contemporary style by changing the color of the wood, from untreated to grey or black. Cabinets made of Shaker are famous for their desire for repetition. If you choose for Shaker cabinetry for the home, having all your cabinets and drawers in the same design will give your home the appearance of a neat, uniform design.

Shaker-style cabinets are also affordable and have many other advantages. If you compare them with different types of furniture, Shaker cabinets are less expensive in the long run because of their simplicity in construction. In addition, you can choose to customize the cabinets as you like or leave them in their current state because there are many ways to show what is unique about Shaker cabinets by the way you decorate them. Whatever you choose, they’ll still serve their intended purpose.


Modern Cabinets:

Modern Shaker cabinets

              Modern styles seek a polished look. As a result, more people lean toward this style when choosing Shaker cabinets. The idea is to maintain a minimalist presentation with the cabinets and add other furniture like the countertop or flooring accordingly. Shaker-style cabinets prefectly fits into modern kitchens . The Kitchen cabinet hardware is fitted with minimalist designs, such as elegant bar pulls, and cabinets can be left in their natural wood or be painted with shades of white, black, or grey according to the style you prefer. For instance, a sleek white kitchen can appear minimalist and modern, while the matte black cabinets are striking in industrial settings.

Traditional Cabinets:

Traditional Shaker cabinets

  The traditional look is somewhat self-explanatory. This cabinet style aims to stay true to the original Shaker aesthetic and is thus immediately recognizable. These cabinets will have beveled edges and a very light wood finish, if not a more rustic glaze. Traditional kitchens are warm and cozy. Traditional kitchens are typically cottage-style and farmhouse kitchens. The shaker-style kitchens typically include muted colors and distressed pieces to create a rustic, natural look. The standard kitchen is likely to utilize raw materials such as copper, granite, and wood.

Transitional Cabinets:

Transitional shaker cabinets

These designs mix a modern feel with the traditional look of Shaker-style cabinets. To do this, designers or homeowners will combine light and dark cabinets. They may also add some natural textures for an authentic feel. Transitional kitchens focus on the changing between traditional and modern. It’s not about mixing elements from both to create an area that combines the best of both styles to produce something practical and fashionable. Shaker cabinets are well designed for a transitional kitchen since they’re designed for both traditional and contemporary spaces. If you’re worried that the kitchen is too modern, incorporate shaker cabinets in natural wood finishes to bring in the warmth. On the other hand, if your home is too conventional, you can give it modernity by applying the shaker cabinets to high-gloss finishes. 

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