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Update Your Kitchen Cabinets

5 Simple Ideas to Update Your Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are the basic element of any well-designed kitchen. These cabinets can also enrich the small simple kitchen design, adding to its practical use and functionality. Change the color of cabinets or add some glossy look; it will give a fresh new feel to your Kitchen.

Consequently, updating your kitchen cabinets can nourish your whole Kitchen a refreshed vibe without a significant change. Here in this blog, we are sharing 5 simple ideas to update your kitchen cabinets:

Painting or Refinishing:

  • Painting: A refreshed layer of paint can immediately change the appearance of your small simple kitchen design. Select a decent shade of cabinet that completes your Kitchen’s overall theme. Light shades of colors can make the entire kitchen area feel more substantial. Meanwhile, on the other side, dark colors give a whiff of delicacy.
  • Refinishing: If your Kitchen’s wooden cabinets have lost their shine promptly, consider refinishing them and bringing back their natural glow to keep their beauty. First, remove the old finish and smooth the surface of the cabinets to make it clear of any scratches. Then, apply a lustrous new finish to give a fresh new shine to kitchen cabinets. Thus, refinishing wooden cabinets improves their appearance, energy, and durability.

Open Shelving:

  • You can have another option to give a remarkable change in your kitchen cabinet by adding open shelves. So, you can display your favorite decorative objects on the front to provide your personal touch while making it visually appealing. It demands open spacious to have a clean and organized look. So, make sure to organize your objects in an adorable and functional manner. Make sure to avoid any crowd over the shelves. It requires effort to keep your simple kitchen design looking more stylish and practical, which will ultimately reflect your personal touch in cabinetry design.

Glass Insert:

  • Another way to add a touch of refinement to your kitchen cabinets is by replacing doors with glass design. It gives a graceful feel and allows you to display adorable crocks or wine glasses. Furthermore, if you’re nervous about your cabinet’s privacy, you can select a blurred and textured glass design that can give a modest yet smart solution. So go ahead and glorify your Kitchen with this easy choice and practical technique.

Hardware Replacement:

  • Enrich the look of your kitchen cabinets by updating their hardware, such as knobs, handles, and pulls. Select some decent designs with a range of variety that can fulfill the taste according to your preference. Sometimes, vintage and classic hardware defines the more elegant and dapper look. Further, it is quite cost-effective to have a noticeable change in your small simple kitchen design

Decals or Stencils:

  • Use decals and stencils if you want to add a special touch to your cabinets. Choose quotes and patterned designs on cabinets as decals to have a choice of various methods. It provides a chance to design and customize a modern look. Meanwhile, stencils paint different designs over the cabinets’ surface, bringing a more artistic and personal vibe to your cabinets.

Before starting any refurbishment project in your Kitchen:

  1. Remember that you should clear your cabinets and make them dirt-free.
  2. Thoroughly clean greasy oil and grime, and make sure to keep the textures smooth for the best outcomes.
  3. Along with this, before directly applying paint to the entire cabinet, test any new finishes and paints in any discreet place to confirm you are satisfied with the final outcome of the new look.

Thus, these 5 changes can bring new energy into your simple kitchen cabinet design without smashing the jackpot or demanding a prominent renovation. You might be surprised that having these small details in your kitchen cabinets can make a big change.

Refurbish Kitchen Cabinets in Fort Lauderdale and Boynton Beach

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What are the benefits of having open shelving in my Kitchen?

Open shelving in your Kitchen provides various benefits, for instance, making your Kitchen more spacious. Further, open shelves also help to keep the Kitchen more organized.

Where can I get modern kitchen design services in Fort Lauderdale and Boynton Beach?

Elements KBF has two convenient locations, one in Fort Lauderdale and the other in Boynton Beach. Provide various services such as painting or changing the cabinet hardware. Also, reorganize the cabinets and add some decorative elements to impact the overall appearance of your Kitchen.

Can small changes in my kitchen cabinets make a big difference in the overall look of my kitchen design?

Yes, a small change in your kitchen cabinets can make a big change and transform the overall look of your small, simple kitchen design.

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