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Top Characteristics of the High-Quality Kitchen Cabinets

In your kitchen, there are a few highlighted elements that make your residential kitchen look functional and stunning at first gaze. Kitchen cabinets are an integral part of the kitchen, and make your kitchen stand out.

If your kitchen cabinets have an elegant look, highly-functionality, and storage options, then they can be a good choice for your home. If you encountered any issues with the cabinets, then they are probably of low quality.

Never take shortcuts and go for low-quality things for your kitchen. This will only result in the wastage of your valuable money.

If you install premium-quality kitchen cabinets in your kitchen, you will get the best of all benefits in the long term. In this blog, we will tell you about the characteristics of premium quality kitchen cabinets near me:

Characteristics of the Premium Quality Kitchen Cabinets

Now, here are some of the characteristics of premium quality kitchen cabinets which you should look for when you are going to purchase kitchen cabinets for your home:

All-plywood Construction

Manufacturers use particleboard or plywood is for making cabinet boxes. To maintain their square shape during shipping and installation, support the weight of hefty countertops, and fend off moisture damage, the strongest cabinets have entire plywood sides and backs. A less expensive option is particleboard. It is susceptible to moisture damage, crushing, difficult-to-repair blow-outs at screws, and blow-outs at joints.

Full Height Back Panels

The back of any cabinet can affect its installation easiness and durability. For instance, those cabinets which are strong enough, and offer you highly-durable cabinets. The strong and highly durable cabinets use a full-back panel of plywood.

If you are towards the least expensive cabinets, they will use meta hangs rails, brackets, thin panels, rails, and picture-frame construction. If your cabinets have weak panels, then they will simply fall in a short time.

To keep your kitchen cabinets precise and secure, choose plywood back construction.

The strongest cabinet construction uses a full-back panel made of hefty (3/8-inch or greater), full-plywood.

There is no need for hanging rails because the plywood is strong from top to bottom and from side to side. 

Soft-Close Hinges

One of the most important components of any cabinet is the hinges on them. They have gained significant importance such that you can’t open or close the cabinet without the hinge on them.

When you think about the hinges on the cabinets such that how you can determine the quality of the hinges on the cabinet. Don’t worry we are here to let you know about everything.

In a high-quality cabinet hinge, the nickel-plated, hardened steel hinge is equipped with a soft closing mechanism. For the hinges to be changed as cabinet doors expand and contract due to seasonal changes, they should be movable in six different directions: in, out, up, down, left, and right.

Undermount, Soft-Close Drawer Glides

The smooth and silent operation of your cabinet drawers throughout years of heavy use depends on high-quality drawer glides (slides). The need for heavy-duty glides increases as the weight of your drawers increases. Cabinet drawers that sag, are too loose, or stick could result from weak glides.

Drawer glides that are under-mount, made of steel, and soft-close should extend to give complete access to the drawer. Steel guides and ball bearings offer smoother operation and longer wear.

The glides should be rated to support a substantial weight of at least 90 pounds when mounted beneath the drawer box. When opening and shutting the drawer, adjustable glides with a soft-close (anti-slam) dampening mechanism will be nearly silent.

Hardwood and Dovetail Drawer Boxes

If your kitchen cabinet drawers are bowing or bending, or the front faces of the kitchen cabinets are falling, then you should get high-quality drawer boxes for your kitchen cabinets.

The first things which fall apart from the low-quality cabinetry are the joints of the drawer boxes and itself the drawer boxes.

When the quality of the cabinets is low, they are usually joined together through staples and notched butt joints. They don’t have the strength in them to hold the drawer joints together.

We would suggest you buy those cabinetries for your kitchen which have solid hardwood drawer boxes. The high-quality boxes will meet all of your demands for kitchen cabinetry.

Fully Assembled in the Factory

Those kitchen cabinets which are fully assembled in the factory are the ones which you should buy. These fully-assembled cabinets are completely manufactured inside the factory, made boxes from them. After manufacturing, the manufacturer shipped these cabinets for installation inside the home.

Now, there comes another type of cabinet that is ready to assemble, and these cabinets are shipped in separate parts. The homeowner will have glued these cabinets jointed by themselves, and make them ready by themselves.

If you want high-quality cabinets, then you should go for fully assembled cabinets. So, these are some of the characteristics which are part of high-quality kitchen cabinets.

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