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Open Shelving V.s Kitchen CABINETS: PROS AND CONS

The open shelves kitchen design is a fantastic idea. it was the staple of black and white times but still, people are loving it. But the question is if they meet the requirement of today’s needs. When life becomes so busy and we do have not time to gather and store to make things organized. This way, the open shelves don’t come to the top of the list. While another cabinetry design has been introduced that gives ample storage with a stylish appearance. 

The open shelves installation is very cost-effective. Whether it doesn’t feature a contemporary feel to the place. But, you will never forget the old-time grandma kitchen feel. Where you were used to going for spending vacation and sitting near granny to listen to the stories. Plus, it also reminds of the farmhouse-styling kitchen designs.  

Wood Floating shelves 

This is an amazing style and every homeowner wants it. Wood shelves are the perfect addition to the farmhouse-style kitchen interiors. And it creates warmth, and traditional touch at the same time. These wood floating shelves will give the vibe of a sunny and bright day that is often seen in the farmhouse kitchen. 

These shelves are quite cheaper than the kitchen cabinets because it doesn’t require any requirements to install like kitchen layout, colors, and designs and like that. It can fit any layout in the kitchen, living room, or dining area. 

Disadvantages Of Installing Wood Floating Shelf

Dust, grease, and dirt are the top issues by installing the floating shelf. Like, if you arrange the glass crockery they will get dirty quickly in half of the day and ruin the shine of the overall surroundings. That means that you will have to spend more time dusting and washing all day. It takes hard effort to look at your open shelves to look sleek and beautiful. 

If you are going to install the open shelf style in the kitchen design that will make your space smaller and give you less storage room. This way you’ll lose up the beauty and aesthetical appeal in the kitchen design. Suppose, you are replacing the kitchen cabinets with a long shelf the result will be more clutter and a disorganized look. 

The other disadvantage to installing an open shelf in the kitchen is that; you can’t place valuable things like glass wares, crockery, and other decorative items due to the issue of dust. It becomes less functional and practical in sense of showcasing valuable objects. 

If you are spending less on the kitchen design interiors but need to display in a way to boost the visualization. then we can say that incorporating the open shelf is the compromising option. But not a great option. It is fact that you will never go for a design that requires daily basis upkeep. Like you will keep on dusting things for the long run. So don’t get in trouble with the open shelves. That will not fulfill the requirement of everyday kitchen needs. 

Now we are going to discuss the uses and advantages of kitchen cabinets. Additionally, we will discuss in detail from where you can buy high-quality kitchen cabinets in Boynton beach, fl. along with long run usage. To know all of these answers read the article below.

Kitchen Cabinets Advantages

The first thing that every homeowner is looking for is a big storage capacity. That’s why they find the need to install the kitchen cabinets. the kitchen cabinetry features a minimalistic and sleek appearance that will dazzle the space with endless beauty. Along with this, they also give the benefit of storing kitchen utensils beautifully. These are effective choices in making your kitchen look organized, pack, and in style. 

The other benefit of using custom kitchen cabinetry is as follows:

  • It helps to tuck the disorganized crockery, glass wares, or other utensils gracefully. 
  • Because it is highly durable, that means it doesn’t put in trouble the homeowner for its upkeep. 
  • Your investment is less, but you will reap its benefit in long run. 
  • It is effective in massive storage capacity. 
  • It looks stylish, graceful, and elegant in your space by concealing clutter without any mess.
  • It is manufactured with wood, and laminates, to build to last.  
  • You can customize cabinets to fit your specific storage needs, including size, style, and material.


  • Sizes
  • Styles
  • Material
  • Designs


Custom Kitchen cabinets come in a wide range of varieties. If you are looking for the best kitchen cabinets in Fort Lauderdale. Shake hand with Elements KBF. We are dealing with the best aesthetic of all the time here in Boynton beach. People are so impressed with our work that’s why we have set up a long chain of customers with 5-star reviews.

Traditional, contemporary, and retro styles don’t matter to us. We are ready to cater to all your needs in one go. We are not only the manufacturer of kitchen interiors but also give you an effective solution that will help you to maintain, manage, and organize the kitchen in a smart way. Additionally, we are also delivering high-end customization like colors, finishing, styles, material, doors, drawers, knobs, and hardware choices. 

The other benefit that you can earn from installing kitchen cabinets is that anytime when you will plan to sale out your house. You will get a huge ROI due to the aesthetic appeal and best interiors. 


The more sugar will add more sweetness to the recipe. Likewise, if you are adding features to enhance its look and make it stylish. Then it becomes costly due to the incorporation of high-quality material, finishing, colors, styles, and designs. on the other hand, However, investing in quality kitchen cabinetry can pay off in the long run, as they provide a durable, functional, and stylish storage solution for your kitchen.

Are You Finding the Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets in Boynton Beach, FL?

Elements KBF is your trustworthy partner who is offering kitchen cabinets in Boynton Beach with a more practical and effective solution. Custom Kitchen cabinets offer ample storage space, while also providing the option for customization in terms of materials, styles, and finishes. They also help maintain an organized and aesthetically pleasing kitchen environment.

Conclusion open shelving can result in a disorganized appearance, especially in fast-paced industrial kitchens. Ultimately, kitchen cabinets offer a superior solution in terms of functionality, organization, and aesthetic appeal.


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