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Selecting Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cleaning Hacks 2023

Hello everyone! Today’s topic is very interesting that will help you in cleaning up your house. Especially the busiest area of your house “Kitchen”. Where you found busy in cooking meals, cleaning, and organizing stuffs. Kitchen work is a 24/7 duty that never ends. It is a big anxiety for every homeowner who complains about a messy and disorganized kitchen. How to deal with all these mess? This guide is for them.

How Do You Clean Your Kitchen?

You must have liquid cleaner, dishwashing soap, or other chemicals. Did you ever think how freaky is this; that you are investing a lot of bucks in kitchen remodeling but fail to maintain its striking beauty due to chemical wash? As result, your kitchen shape is transforming into a blusterous form rather than a peaceful or calm one. Entering in this kitchen gives you the yuck feel anytime. So, don’t fret. This blog will resolve your tensions. Try out these hacks. For organising, cleaning, mesmerizing fragrance, shiny and sleek look, and endless beauty to your kitchen surrounding. 

We are not going to tell you that go straight to shop and start buying this and that. But, keep in mind. You just have to sort out all the things that is causing the mess in the kitchen. And start tuck out unnecessary things. And install attractive kitchen cabinets to tuck all the big fat machines. That will give your space the room to walk around. So, there are a lot more things to do. Let’s start. 

Starting with The Cleaning Of Kitchen Countertops 

Homeowners prefer high-quality kitchen countertops that stay long-lasting. Therefore, there is a lot of variety available in the market that a homeowner chooses according to their taste. Such as the material like Quartz countertops, Granite countertops, or limestone. These materials create endless beautiful visualization of the overall surrounding. Decorate the kitchen with beauty bits. Additionally, it can also enhance the value of your house.

The countertops are costly. It is the beauty of homemakers that how they protect and love their interiors. that will increase the lifespan of that piece. Here, we will tell you the hacks for cleaning kitchen countertops and do’s and don’ts that you are turning your kitchen shape into a bizarre space.

Stop using Acidic Cleaner, Vinegar, or chemicals for cleaning countertops!

  • Don’t:
  • If you are using an acidic cleaner then remember that it can dim the shine of your shiny countertop.
  • The color will become faded, and the luster will go away over and over again using chemical on it.
  • Even bleach will also do the blast to the beautiful stone look.
  • Check out your all liquid solutions if it contains citric acid then leave them off right now. 
  • Stop using acidic cleaner because it can etch the surface of the countertop. 

Do’s: for cleaning the countertops, make a paste of baking soda and apply it on the surface and let it stay there for 24 hours. 

  • The most essential hack to remove the countertop is anytime you see water, oil, or juice spill on it. Wipe it right away that can save it for longer. 
  • Dip a soft sponge in water, and just clean the counter quickly.
  • Mostly, homemakers, are the little pour oil drops over the counter to create shining effects. 

Hack to Maintain the Kitchen Fragrance:

If you cook tasty rice, sweet dessert, or dinner. The essence will spread all over the house. That temptational aroma will tell everyone that something hot bites are going to satiate the hunger. Likewise, everyone starts dragging toward the kitchen area to taste the hot bites of hunger. Now just suppose, someone will enter the most stinky, icky, and crappy place for food. No way, make sure to clean daily to maintain the kitchen fragrance. Now follow the do’s and don’t’s in below.

Do’s: make sure to clean your floor, kitchen cabinets, and countertops daily. 

  • Never let any chunks, ketchup, oil, or sweet juices be left over on the countertops. 
  • Make sure to empty the trash bin before night daily. 
  • Always use perfumes, and fresheners in the area after cleaning. 
  • Use the small plants for decoration purposes. And also, to enhance the kitchen smell. 


  • Do proper kitchen cleaning before going to bed. 
  • Don’t let the dirty dishes in the sink for the night. It will give an unpleasant smell in the morning. 
  • Never forget to Add the kitchen crockery to the kitchen cabinets. 
  • Never use acidic cleaner to ruin the countertop beauty. Always use baking soda liquid. 
  • Never use one damp cloth to wipe over and over again. 

How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets?

Kitchen cabinets are a very useful interior that can tuck everything inside them. This is the must-have addition in any kitchen from small to big scale. Several ways can guide you about how to clean the kitchen cabinets to maintain the kitchen’s beauty and upkeep. 

Empty the cabinets every week

  • If you want the long life of your kitchen cabinetry then don’t forget to deep clean it. Check if there are any insects in the cabins. Therefore, you need to check it almost every week. Plan your weekend to do a deep clean. Start with emptying the shelves and cabinetry. 
  • The next step is to wash the dishes, if you haven’t used them for a time then don’t need to wash it. Just wipe it all. 
  • Use the insect killer or spray in the cabinets. 
  • Use the cabinetry mats that will give a very clean look and organized look. 
  • Wash the inner shelf of the cabinet with the dishwasher soap foam. 
  • Wipe the exteriors. 
  • You can vacuum the cabinets if required. 

So the homemaker thinks a big task to clean the kitchen. However, these hacks will give you a roadmap for doing kitchen cleaning. Now you will not pending it. By following these methods you will never be late in removing dirt from countertops, kitchen cabinets, and shelves.


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