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9 Most Sought-After Kitchen Cabinet Trends Now and in 2024

Whether you are a fan of open kitchen cabinets or prefer closed-door ones, following the current trends helps you a lot. The main reasons are beauty, modern style, and functionalities.

Evolution in the kitchen structure improves with time worldwide. And its new editions tend to be more beautiful than before. Hence, the current trend will always be the prettiest. Also, it’s true for all types of kitchens, especially if you are looking for open kitchen cabinet ideas.

Following the current trend in the kitchen makes you modern and updated. It’s because the new presentation improves the old style and refines everything.

Moreover, choosing the current kitchen style saves you from many existing problems. It’s because the new kitchen trend improves functionality.

Do you want to know the current open kitchen cabinets and no-door trends in the next five minutes? Read this blog. 

When Do You Need to Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Turning your kitchen into a new one with open kitchen cabinets is your choice.

The common reasons to remodel your kitchen are:

  • Addition of new functionalities
  • Removal of existing problems
  • Your kitchen has worn off
  • Keeping updated with the modernity
  • Enhancing the beauty
  • Satisfying your aesthetic senses
  • Making a strong impression on guests
  • Aligning with the latest kitchen fashion
  • Increasing the value of your property

Renovate your kitchen if you have any one of the above conditions. It’ll help you a lot. Also, you’ll spend money for a justified reason.

Common Questions People Ask About Kitchen Cabinets

Ans: Shaker-style doors are the top choice for many people.

Ans: Natural colors with a warm tone are trending in both open kitchen cabinets and cabinets with doors.

What is the latest and the newest trend in kitchen cabinets?

Ans: Two-toned cabinets are the latest trend.

Which style has become outdated?

Ans: Doors on the upper cabinets have become out of style and replaced with open upper shelves and custom open kitchen cabinets.

Ignoring these current kitchen trends will never increase the value of your property. You might find it complex to choose Fort Lauderdale or Boynton Beach among all trending options. But this act of choice will please your aesthetic faculties and uplift the rate of your real estate.

Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Shaker kitchen cabinets are the safest options for you. By choosing it, you’ll improve your kitchen style. Also, your kitchen will be in style for years. 

Shaker kitchen style offers you multiple choices in colors. You can opt for color themes that blend with your kitchen accessories. Moreover, your kitchen design will never likely make errors with the shaker style.

Open Shelves in Upper Cabinets

This style comes with a risk that it can go out of style soon. But open shelves are trending right now. You can also install doors on some shelves and leave some.

Open shelves in upper cabinets help you showcase your kitchen accessories in style. Also, these are economical and take little time to create.

Dark Cabinets

Dark cabinets are the newest trend in kitchen cabinets, becoming highly popular worldwide. It offers your kitchen a touch of drama, and you’ll also never lose your style ever. 

Combine dark wood with rich hues, and your cabinets will stand out. You can also use your preferred shades to match your kitchen surface. 

Mixed Design Cabinets and Matching Hardware

You can create your dream kitchen design by matching and mixing the colors with your kitchen hardware. For example, if you have white cabinets, you can add brown knobs to them. Also, you can choose appliances that match the color of your kitchen design. In this case, pure stainless steel hardware will serve you the best. 

Cream Themed Kitchen Cabinets

What colors should your kitchen have in the first place? It’s a question that can make or break your kitchen’s look and feel. For most people, an earthy tone is relaxing and refreshing in the kitchen. If you combine yellow cream color with sage-green, you’ll have an organic feel in your kitchen. And you can experience it beyond your kitchen.

Natural Wood Cabinets

Currently, many experts recommend natural wood with lighter shades in kitchen cabinets. Also, this style has become widely recognized after the success of the Scandinavian design Hygge. 

You can choose any hardwood with a warmer tone to create this style. Also, oak is the most used material for this style worldwide.

European Style Cabinets

These are also called frameless cabinets. Also, it works for any kitchen.

You get a clean, sophisticated, and simple kitchen by choosing European-style cabinets. Plus, you can use this design while mixing it with other styles, including shaker, flat panel, and Scandinavian. The choice of colors entirely depends on your preferences. 

Contrasting Hardware Trend

You can choose any hardware for your kitchen cabinets and never go wrong. This way, you get the wonderful option to experiment with unmatching hardware. 

For example, if your cabinet colors are dark, you can try gold or silver hardware. Similarly, with gray or light-colored cabinets, you can try bronze hardware.

Customized Kitchen Cabinets

By using customized kitchen cabinets, you can create uniqueness in your kitchen. But remember, customization will cost you more. So, also, look for your budget and then experiment. 

For example, you can add functionality to your kitchen with vertical or layered drawers. Also, you can add racks for your wine or artwork. 

Wrap Up

Go for customized open kitchen cabinets if you have a budget for them. You’ll have your required functionality, beauty, and style. Plus, you’ll increase your property value by doing it. You’ll never regret this experiment because it’ll allow you to explore many wonderful options. 

Most of the time, time and budget constraints limit your options. In that case, now, you have more than 8 styles to choose from for a kitchen that satisfies your beauty and style needs. Brainstorm and choose the style that feels best for you.

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