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Five Kitchen Corner Cabinets to Maximize Your Kitchen Space

In your kitchen, the kitchen corner cabinets are usually found in the L-shaped or U-shaped kitchen layouts. You will be often wondering what you can often do with corner cabinets inside your kitchen. Moreover, you will also know about the ways through which these corner cabinets maximize the space inside your kitchen.

One of the exciting things is that you can also store the kitchen appliances inside them but you have to remain very creative while choosing the cabinets for your kitchen corners.

Most of the time, corner kitchen cabinets are also known as the Bermuda Triangle of the kitchen. These cabinets mostly store those things which you don’t use regularly in your kitchen.

 In case, if you have something placed on your kitchen shelves such as a coffee maker or a juicer. You can put these appliances in your corner cabinets inside the kitchen.

Moreover, other than this there are various creative things which you can do to make your kitchen cabinets in the corner more accessible for you. Additionally, you can design this space into a quite functional ad beautiful one to make it more attractive for you.

Read this blog post to know about all the solutions through which kitchen corner cabinets maximize your space:

Why are Kitchen Corner Cabinets Difficult?

Kitchen corner cabinets can be difficult, either they are upper or base cabinets. There are some of the top reasons which make these kitchen cabinets hard and challenging. These include; inaccessible, deep, and dark.

This generally happens for a U-shaped or an L-shaped layout. Well, one of the greatest benefits that these cabinets offer you is accessibility. You can reach out to your items in these cabinets blindly.

Kitchen cabinets in the corners might be around 50% deeper than those on either side. Corner cabinets typically measure 34 inches deep compared to base cabinets’ usual depth of 24 inches. Corner cabinets have visibility issues as well because of the limited lighting conditions.

Your corner cabinet might benefit from having a light added to it. Additionally, it is difficult to reach for the things you desire to gain. When you get to the sides, visibility will be difficult.

Corner Kitchen Cabinets to Maximize Your Kitchen Space

Here are some of the corner kitchen cabinet ideas which make your kitchen space easy and accessible for you. These are:

Lazy Susan Style

One of the classic styles for corner kitchen cabinets is the Lazy Susan style. In this style, you can have a simple shelve with two to three round trays attached to the pole which rotates.

You can simply reach any light objects that are on the trays. You have a few options to pick from.

Lazy Susans, which spin around a fixed center while sitting inside cabinets, are one of the basic shapes. On a bifold hinge, it opens. An additional design will resemble a cheese wheel and have a notch that fits the door when it is closed.

Although it won’t be completely space-efficient, it won’t have a significant impact because only a little amount of corner area will remain unoccupied.

The door might also be incorporated into the shelf as an additional option. One motion will open or close the entire cabinet.

Swing Out Cabinets

These swing-out cabinets are also one of the quite common solutions for maximizing the space inside your kitchen through corner kitchen cabinets. These cabinets can be installed either on the bottom or top of the cabinet shelf. 

The swing-out cabinet swings out when the cabinet door is opened, making it simple to access the objects kept inside.

Due to its level of stability, a swing-out cabinet may support heavier things than a Lazy Susan. This cabinet is distinctive in that it operates with a conventional door.

Some manufacturers opt to lift the cabinet away from the cabinetry rather than just pulling it out. It seems more suitable for use in industrial settings. If you want to make the most of every inch of your corner kitchen cabinet, this will be a terrific alternative.

Your kitchen appliances may be easily and unhinderedly accessed with a swing-out cabinet. You don’t have to struggle to get your things. Additionally, an aftermarket alternative can be used to install it.

Corner Drawers Style

In this style, the corner drawers are installed in a diagonal position with the corner of the cabinet. This option is highly valuable if you choose this one for your kitchen. In this style, you can directly pull out the drawers.

This option can cost you more, and it all depends upon your countertop material. Well, this option can become cost-effective for you, if you just want a basic U-shaped or L-shaped layout.

Moreover, this style will be the best for you regarding the storage of various items in the kitchen. It will be ideal and excellent.

Purchase Kitchen Corner Cabinets from Elements KBF

Nowadays, there are various kitchen cabinets for your corner that make your kitchen look elegant and beautiful. You can customize your cabinets as per modern design. So, if you need kitchen corner cabinets, you can contact us at Elements KBF. We also offer custom kitchen cabinets and Italian kitchen cabinets to our valuable customers!

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