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Corner Base Cabinets to Maximize Kitchen Storage Space

A corner base cabinet can hold a surprising amount of storage space, but it may be difficult to get to. That’s why Elements KBF offers a wide range of innovative cabinet accessories to help you make the most of every square inch of that space while also making it more accessible and convenient.

While corners might give a lot of storage, they don’t necessarily provide easy access to objects due to their style and cabinet door. However, there are options available to help you make the most of every inch of your kitchen. Here are some of the best kitchen corner cabinet ideas.

Basics of Corner Cabinet Configurations

The options for corner base cabinets are the same as for corner wall cabinets: diagonal, square corner, or blind. Elements KBF Corner Cabinetry requires 36′′ out of each corner for a standard diagonal or square corner base cabinet, while they can be somewhat larger or smaller. A traditional blind corner cabinet can be up to 48′′ wide when it comes out of one corner. Traditional shelves are available in a variety of configurations; however, internal storage solutions can improve the functionality and accessibility of these corner cabinets.

Base Blind Corner Cabinets

As kitchen designs have become more streamlined over the last 10 years, the Base Blind Corner, or BBC to kitchen designers, has gained popularity in some areas. One full-height door or one door and one drawer are common features of the Base Blind Corner cabinets. It can open to a 90-degree angle and can be hinged to the left or right. Frequently, the blind panel is finished to match or be extremely close to the cabinet door. This cabinet is frequently equipped with an adjustable shelf, which is perfect for storing heavy items. During the planning and design stage, you can add more shelves for an additional charge.

Kitchen base cabinets ideas

Base Cabinet Size

Cabinet sizes that are common or standard are 39′′, 42′′, 45′′, and 48′′. Because this base cabinet takes up more footprint area than the cabinet size in a design. It is recommended that it should be installed 1′′- 3′′ away from the wall corner for a better fit. Larger Base Blind Corners may deter some homeowners since the entry opening is occasionally narrow, making it difficult to retrieve goods stored inside. Thus almost everyone updates and install a pull-out attachment for corner base kitchen cabinet.

Kitchen Void Space

Another benefit of using a vacant corner is that you will get a larger drawer bank, which is generally reserved for pots and pans. Although it may seem paradoxical to sacrifice space in order to get more elsewhere, this corner base cabinets method can work. This space is more commonly used in smaller cabinet design ideas, however, there are no restrictions.

If your cabinet designer suggests voiding a corner, listen to them out; there could be major benefits. If you can’t stand having an underused section that isn’t available, this isn’t the solution for you.

Cabinets with Variable Storage

To make the most of this corner space, consider using the entire wall from floor to ceiling. This space does not have to have the same cabinets or shelves every time, but it can change based on your storage needs. Consider keeping pots, pans, and other goods in bottom drawers that pull out right away. Replace the space above the counter with open cubbies that can be used for a variety of things. The additional open cubbies can be used for cookbooks, and it’s a good size for a small microwave. This floor-to-ceiling solution provides more storage while preserving a uniform appearance and avoiding the door. Thus kitchen corner cabinet ideas can help you if you are willing to add extra space to your kitchen cabinet design.