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What colors complement black cabinetry?

In modern kitchens, Black cabinetry gives a more sophisticated look with a sleek design. No matter what design you select for black shaker cabinets, complementing the right color combination is essential to improve the overall theme. Selection of the right color will enhance the elegance and grace of the kitchen with an overwhelming ambiance. In this blog, we will discuss the best color combination for modern with the idea of renovation to make black cabinets look more captivating.

Why should we choose Black Cabinetry?

Why not first discuss the exclusive demand for black kitchen cabinet design for a modern kitchen? Black cabinetry, with its timeless look, makes it a perfect choice to design a luxury kitchen with a dramatic theme through a black color touch. It allows versatile options to make various design themes with a contemporary look. Further, the black color gives a bold statement look in the kitchen to get everyone’s attention on the focal point.

Best Combination With Black Cabinetry

  1. White Color Crunch

White color combination with Black shaker cabinets defines a classic pairing to make a stunning contrast theme in the kitchen. You can contrast white countertops or backsplash with white paint on walls to make a clean and decent look. It gives a balanced crunch feel in the kitchen to mix and match the feeling for a bold and soft combination.


  • A plain white marble countertop with black or grey veins to contrast
  • Subway white backsplash tiles for shiny reflection
  • Brighten up the kitchen with a white ceiling
  1. Soft Gray

You can maintain sophistication with the bold touch of soft gray shade along with the black kitchen cabinets. A neutral shade of gray can define a seamless blend touch with black color to make a harmonious color palette.


  • Combine both dark and light gray colors in the countertop marble
  • Use patterned tiles of gray for backsplash in the kitchen
  • The kitchen island in gray can prominent the black cabinetry
  1. Warm Wood Tones

If you want to add a natural warm touch to the kitchen, then incorporate natural wooden elements with black. It will enhance the overall look with a beautiful contrast of black and brown to make a cozy look with a smooth feel.


  • Install wooden shelves with a combination of black
  • Wooden floor to compliment cabinets.
  • Add a rustic touch with a stool or bar chair of wood
  1. Bold Colors

If you want to add a dramatic touch to your kitchen, then go for bold colors with deep strikes to give it a contemporary look. Emerald green, deep red, burgundy, and navy blue are helpful in making a rich taste in the kitchen.


  • The contrast color spark of navy blur with modern black kitchen cabinets.
  • Use emerald green on the kitchen island for a bold touch
  • Add some decorative items of burgundy shade for attention
  1. Metallic Accents

The use of metallics can add a sense of glamor to the kitchen with gold, brass, or copper. You can incorporate them with the use of hardware or fixtures as a decor element.


  • Use handles and knobs of drawers and cabinets in brass or gold
  • Install a central pendant of copper metal to brighten up the kitchen island
  1. Earthy Greens

If you are a nature lover, add green natural elements to make your kitchen a more calming place with peace. It will make your kitchen modern with a piece of natural beauty to contrast with bold black cabinets.


  • Indoor baby plants on the countertop for nature touch
  • Decor with ceramic items on display
  • Backsplash tiles contrast with a green color

Practical Tips for Balancing Black Cabinetry

Black cabinets can look striking but to prevent the room from feeling too small or dark careful planning is needed before installing them. Here are some useful hints for coordinating modern black kitchen cabinets:

Appropriate Lighting Use

Working with dark cabinetry requires good lighting. Although natural light is best you should add more artificial lighting if your kitchen isn’t equipped with windows. A room can be made brighter with the use of pendant lights recessed lighting and under-cabinet lighting. Employ surfaces that reflect. The room can feel more spacious and open by reflecting light through reflective surfaces like glass cabinet doors glossy countertops and backsplashes.

Combine Materials with Various Textures

You can give your kitchen design more depth and interest by combining various materials and textures. Think about blending glossy and matte finishes or adding brick or stone textures.

Install Open Shelves

A feeling of openness and airiness can be achieved by utilizing open shelving to counterbalance the weight of black cabinetry. Use it to showcase cookbooks, ornamental objects, or colorful dishes.

Your kitchen can become a chic and fashionable area by selecting black kitchen cabinets. You can make your kitchen look well-balanced and welcoming by combining them with complementary hues like soft gray crisp white warm wood tones, bold colors, metallic accents, and earthy greens. To improve the overall look, remember to include plenty of lighting, apply reflective surfaces, combine different materials and textures, and take into account open shelving. You can easily create a sleek contemporary kitchen that is both aesthetically pleasing and useful with the help of these black kitchen cabinet ideas.

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